New vt10 air unit

16 May 2017 | Blog

In Solteka we have manufactured over 10.000 axial and centrifugal air units, which have allowed us innovating and improving constantly to produce high technique and highly efficient air units. With our groups referential trade marks in the field of spraying are manufacturing machines with top performances to offer the best results in their applications. Our new and powerful VT10 air unit provides higher speed and quality of treatment with less demand of power, creating homogeneity and reducing the drift. Among the technical characteristics of the VT10 air unit stand out:

  • Impeller with 10 blades in 4 positions.
  • Gear box with 2 speeds + neutral point
  • Special clutch with capacity to support up until 100hp
  • 4 adjustable channels
  • Turbo recoverer channel which prevent the turbulences from happening
  • Rear deflector designed to achieve the highest performance
  • Stainless steel top quality blower housings and aerodynamic spokes which prevent the turbulences from happening.
  • Prepared for 44 nozzle-holders.
  • Flow rate up until 142.500 m3/h

The VT10 air unit shows that the efficiency of the treatments resides in the air.

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Blog - 15 May 2017
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