Centrifugal air units

Air units BTT-600


  • Top performing air unit with glass fiber blower housing with GF reinforcement by progressive development with 24.000 m3/h as highest flow rate.
  • Gear box with high transmission of power, with aluminium case and helicoidal gear teeth, 1 speed+neutral point.
  • Clutch with high transmission of power with 3 shoes of smooth and progressive starting and stopping.
  • ø540 mm centrifugal balanced double fan.
  • ø325 mm universal exit mouth.
  • Protective grids according to ISO-EN rules.


  • The big air volume allows obtaining positive results on working widths bigger than the rest of common centrifugal groups in the market.

Benefits for the Final Customer

  • Reduction of phytosanitary product.
  • Reduction of power consumption by tractor.
  • Deepest penetration
  • Proportional distribution
  • Minimal drift

* For lift-mounted equipment



Technical Features Board

img-table Ratio img-table img-table img-table img-table
BTT-600 M 1+0 1 / 7,5 ø540x2 1xø325 Glass Fiber 3 shoes

Performances Board

Gear Box Speed 1:7,5
450 m³ /h 20.000
m/s 69
mm H₂O 350
hp kW 42 31
500 m³ /h 22.000
m/s 76
mm H₂O 410
hp kW 58 43
540 m³ /h 24.000
m/s 82
mm H₂O 480
hp kW 75 55

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